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Influences: Introduction

This is a fairly open category that contains, or will contain, articles about people, photography, and associated topics in which I have an interest and that have influenced my thinking and practice. They will usually relate to my understanding and appreciation of the medium, its history, and the way it is used. It is a kind of 'blog' in that sense, except that these articles are often not connected to any timeline. 

But first, it seems that every site must have some autobiographical statement to put the author in context, so here's mine.

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Christopher Alexander

Christopher Alexander, architect, is also the founding father of the Pattern Language movement in computer science, and author of A Pattern Language, the seminal work that was perhaps the first complete book ever written in hypertext fashion. The page on my old website that referenced his 'Elements of Style' got a surprising number of hits, so I've decided to include it here.

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Frederick Evans

In an article by Robert Elwall, included in this site, he makes reference to a copy of The Saturday Book, Number 3, published in 1943. His reference relates to the fact that this edition contained an article about the photographer Frederick Evans, still alive at the time of writing, that was illustrated by reproductions of his photographs printed by the photogravure process, something that was rarely done due to its cost and certainly a one-off for The Saturday Book.
Photogravure was the technique used to print photographs in Edwin Smith's books up until the 1960s, when it became too expensive. It was - and still is - capable of the finest reproduction of the continuous-tone photographic image via ink on the printed page, although there are very few practitioners of this complex technique working today. The article, by Alex Strasser, is reproduced here in full, together with reproductions of the photogravure plates as accurately matched to the originals as possible.

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Modfot One - Camera Owner 1967

 This article is reproduced from the May 1967 issue of Camera Owner magazine Issue number 35 (the precursor of Creative Camera magazine) and was written by Carl Wildeblood. It relates to the article on this site about the modfot one exhibition published here.

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Modfot One

modfot one::The frontispiece of the slim catalogue produced by Bill Jay to accompany the 1967 exhibition of the same name.

The model Jill Kennington photographed by John Cowan in 1967, published in the Sunday Times and shown in modfot one.Modfot One was an exhibition of contemporary photography, produced in 1967 and exhibited at the Royal Watercolour Society's galleries in Conduit Street, London, during May of that year. It continued to tour around Britain and the world for three and a half years as a British Council touring show. It is tempting to consider it in a similar vein to Edward Steichen's 'Family of Man' exhibition of 1955 in the U.S. Although its intentions were somewhat different, it may have had a similar effect on the public's perception of the scope and possibilities of still photography.

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More on Modfot One

modphot-1When I was researching information on the seminal 1967 photographic exhibition Modfot One I corresponded with Sir George Pollock at some length. He was most helpful and provided a wealth of photocopied information as well as many of his own recollections in response to my queries.

It seemed most appropriate to reproduce these recollections almost verbatim, as they give a concise background to the origins of the show and the climate for photography at the time. I have included my questions, followed by Sir George's responses:

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