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Tony Ray-Jones Remembered

An obituary, by photographer and friend of Ray-Jones, John Benton-Harris,  published in Creative Camera - June 1972

On 13 March Tony Ray-Jones, one of Britain's finest photographers, died suddenly from leukaemia. At only 31 his talent had been recognised not only in this country but also in Europe and, particularly, in America. Tony was a photographer apart from photographers — in many ways an outlaw in his own medium. As a result of his determination to present situations as honestly as he had seen them he had many fights with picture editors and art directors — a photographer insisting on editing and helping in the layout of his own pictures is unthinkable! But the very people who pronounced sentence on him, blacklisted him, and even attempted to sue him for his integrity, will be the first to say 'what a nice guy he was' and 'what a great loss his passing is to photography'.

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