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I'm a professional photographer with an interest in the history of photography in the UK and also a dabbler in urban and rural landscapes for my own personal enjoyment. I take photographs, design web sites and prepare printed publications to help fund my passion for image-making and also to maintain my traditional darkroom. I am based in the UK. 

My personal photography is explored through a mix of digital and traditional silver-based techniques (sometimes referred to as 'analogue'). I still maintain a fully-equipped and dedicated wet darkroom alongside my digital lightroom, using film formats from 35mm to 10x8.
From traditional film or digital negatives, I make fine art prints to archival standards using fibre-based paper, often with 'alternative' processing and toning; digital work is printed using an Epson 3800 Stylus Pro printer, using fibre-based baryta paper and pigment inks. Any of my photographs are available for purchase; please contact me to enquire.

The content is all available from the menu on the left or top and is as follows:

Photographers: contains sections on Edwin Smith & Olive Cook, Raymond Moore, Tony Ray-Jones, and others, all of whom I have a particular interest in and about whom there is little other material published on the web. The sub-section 'Influences' is more like a blog or notebook, where I place general topics relating to my interest in photography and photographers. New content material is constantly being added as it becomes available.

My Photographs:  some digital, some film-based. I update this as and when new material comes along. It also includes some archive material relating to specific projects.

Adminicles: a little-used word that means 'an aid, an auxilary'. I've used it here as the heading under which to put all kinds of ephemera associated with my interests in photography and beyond.

Creative Camera: contains a brief history of this formative magazine, published in the UK from 1964 until 2001, as well as a lot of material from various sources about the people involved and the content.

The Cambridge Darkroom: a brief history of the community-based photography organisation I helped establish in 1978, which finally fell victim to Arts Council cuts and closed down in 2004.

Contact Me: does what it says, and lets you send me a message about anything or everything on this site. Please use it to let me know what you think or to point me in the direction of anything you feel should be included or amended.

Lastly, here are links to my Flickr page and my site for traditional darkroom work - Should you be inclined towards social media, then there's a FaceBook link top right (although I rarely use it myself).

Thanks for visiting!

Roy Hammans