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Photographs at Weeping Ash

This website first appeared in 2001 at
It was named after the house I then lived in, which lay beneath a venerable Fraxinus excelsior 'Pendula' planted over 100 years ago.

Initially a place to put my own photographs, the site soon evolved into a photo-history resource, featuring extensive material on Edwin Smith, Olive Cook, Raymond Moore, Tony Ray-Jones and others. My own involvement with The Cambridge Darkroom and Creative Camera magazine led to the inclusion of much information on those as well.

Read more: Photographs at Weeping Ash

Cambridge Kite Area

Thumbnail imageA series of the photographs I took in the 1980s, around the old Kite area of Cambridge, has been featured in the Cambridge News (November 14, 2013).

Here's a link direct to the article online and you can view the Kite photographs on this site here.

from the Cambridge series by Peter SoarIf you are interested in historic Cambridge, a reminder that this site also has the collection of photographs by the late Peter Soar, taken around the Lion Yard redevelopment in the 1970s.